Graduate Studies

The professionals who form part of our Graduate School foresee a brilliant future for themselves because they know they are prized by the business community as expert leaders with clarity of vision, open to change, and capable of providing innovative and profitable business solutions.

The Graduate School of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University, founded in 1978, is one of the most prestigious in the region, with international accreditations and the backing of excellent regard by the business community. We are committed to keeping all of our directors, executives, middle management, and students professionally updated. For these ends we have very high quality academic programs and teaching staff, fully in tune with the new and ever-changing trends, technologies, and philosophical paradigms.

The global vision and local application of our academic programs, relevant to the social, economic, and commercial reality of the Dominican Republic, are supported by hundreds of collaboration agreements with local and international universities. In addition, numerous institutions and businesses add value to our programs and research.

Our methodology, totally interactive, involves tools such as case method and business simulators, practices with companies, chats by famous businessmen, Access to a Pymes Center to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. We also have available one of the most important libraries in the country, with the latest technologies and most up-to-date information, and a Business Center for the development and strengthening of networking between other best practices that favor learning and integral development.