Pienso En Verde


It was born in September 2010, as a campaign created by Pro-UNPHU. This initiative reflects the philosophy of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña regarding the transformative task in our society regarding the environmental aspect. The UNPHU, as an educational entity that promotes a comprehensive education, covers the environmental aspect, both in the educational process and in the service to society.

In “Soy UNPHU. Pienso en Verde” and its different areas of action, touch on different aspects, both student life and society in general, tending to promote a culture favorable to our environment, promoting positive actions and habits, which makes possible the sustainable development.

This work is combined with the work of other institutions that work with these objectives and with which there are agreements and close relationships, including the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Botanic Garden, Propagas Foundation, National District Council, Rio Coalition, CEDAF, ECORED, The Nature Conservancy and TNC.

Among the activities that are carried out on a regular basis are the Beach Cleaning Days, in addition to the Sowing and Reforestation Days, in which the participants come into direct contact with nature, perceiving the problem that causes it The actions of man, the different ways to avoid this damage and possible solutions.

In addition, it supports the activities carried out by other institutions, both governmental and private. On the other hand, talks on significant environmental dates, such as celebrating World Recycling Day, World Wetlands Day and Reforestation Month.

Through art, “soy UNPHU. Pienso en Verde “, finds a suitable vehicle to carry his transformative message that seeks to raise awareness and raise awareness about the negative effects of man on our planet, through the group of Mimes Pienso en Verde and exhibitions of painting and photography. He has made and participated in exhibitions in other spaces as a way of taking its message to different and diverse publics, the most recent being the exhibition held in Recicla 360, in Galeria 360.

This initiative, led by Ing. Dolly Martínez, Environmental Coordinator, has also developed competitions, mainly towards the educational community, which promote design solutions, favorable habits or environmental entrepreneurship, such as “Diseña para Reciclar”, “Crea, Reusa , Recicla “,” Pienso en Verde en el Cine “,” Convierte tu Universidad en un Campus Verde “.

Currently, a solid waste separation campaign is being implemented on the campus of Santo Domingo, with a view to replicating it in its other venues.

The Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña has served as host of film shows, congresses and other activities of environmental orientation, organized by various institutions and to which the university gives them support through this program.

In this same year, as a way of favoring the community around him, the university conducted with students members of “Soy UNPHU. Pienso en Verde”and the Faculty of Medicine, a Day of Prevention against the virus Zika in the areas near the university.

In addition, the educational offer of the UNPHU has several options, one of them being the optional Environmental Consciousness, with which the student of new entry comes in contact with the basic knowledge of our environment and its problematic. In addition, the university has within its postgraduate study plans, master’s of Environmental Engineering and Master’s in Natural Resource Management.

In its work towards the institutions of secondary education, it realizes Garden Workshops, in which the students are instructed on the best practices to implement and maintain a garden, besides providing the material of support, seeds and consultancy. Guided visits to exhibitions with environmental themes are other options in which these students can perceive problematic situations in our flora and fauna and know the solutions to them.

Student members of “Soy UNPHU.  Pienso en Verde “, they find a space for

Volunteering, to present and promote their

Ideas to implement correctives, being able also, to be part of the Edecanes of “Soy UNPHU. Pienso en Verde “.

No less important are the research projects that favor in the environmental area among students.

Through “Soy UNPHU. Pienso en Verde”, the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña brings to society, not only a professional possessing an integral education, capable of proposing solutions. It also manifests itself as a transformative, visionary educational institution that generates positive changes for the benefit of society through sustainable development, promoting the generation of solutions and acting, today more than ever, according to the motto of the new advertising campaign of the University UNPHU, For those who believe  in education, in the future, in leaving their mark, in the world.