rector-unphuMessage from the  rector


Within the Institutional Strategic Plan which includes important technological advances, the University´s webpage was one of our priorities. It gives us great satisfaction to invite you to explore it.

We are a dynamic and creative university that cultivates academic excellence and prioritizes information technology (IT).

We are also the oldest university in the city of Santo Domingo, with around thirty-three thousand alumni who are leaders in their respective professions in this country and abroad, which makes us a reference point in Higher Education in this country and the region.

We hope that our vision, mission, and philosophy, as well as the important progress in teaching, research, extension, and internationalization which our institution has achieved during this period, are reflected in the contents of these pages which with great pride and satisfaction we make available to you.



Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón


Speech at the One Hundred Forty-Sixth Ordinary Graduation.
Doctorate Honoris Causa, or Honorary Doctorate 18 April 2016
Speech on the UNPHU Commemorative Stamp