The Dominican University Foundation – FUDPHU


The Dominican University Foundation is a private organization in charge of the governance, promotion, and development of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University.


It is made up by a large group of citizens from the Dominican private sector, industry, trade, and banking, and who, aware that they were thereby fulfilling an indispensable social responsibility, decided to offer their effective contribution to the improvement and expansion of higher education in the Dominican Republic through the creation of an academic center which, like the UNPHU, is fully able to perform a fundamental role in the integral development of Dominican society.


The FUDPHU obtains its funds through spontaneous contributions from its members, as well as from all those public and private institutions and individuals who wish to collaborate with it in achieving its noble purpose, and it hopes to add to those contributions in the future any other contribution or income that it can obtain from the income generated by its own net worth, or through services provided or goods produced by the University.


Apart from the funds that the FUDPHU provides to the University, it also receives economic support from the Dominican State.


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Architect Raúl De Moya Español,

Architect Eugenio Pérez Montás,
1st  Vice President

Dr. Luis Rojas Grullón,
2nd  Vice President

Architect José Luis Rodríguez Bonetti,
3rd Vice President

Sr. Fabio Herrera Roa,
4th Vice President

Engineer Manuel Troncoso Cuesta,

Lic. José Milcíades Alburquerque Carbucia,

Engineer Rafael Bisonó Genao,
Voice Member

Engineer Mario Cabrera Morín,
Voice Member

Dr. Fernando Contreras Peña,
Voice Member

Architect Carlos Aguiló Estrada,
Voice Member

Architect Luis E. Delgado Cestero,
Voice Member

Lic. Eugenio Garrido Saviñón
Past President

Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón
Rector of the UNPHU