Deanery of Student Welfare

Objectives and Functions

Objectives of the Deanery of Student Welfare


a) To meet the demands and needs of the students with the purpose of achieving an integral, professional and human formation through activities that complement the academic development student.

b) Develop the most appropriate scenario so that students can achieve the highest level of personal satisfaction as a member of the university student community.

c) To serve as support to the Academic Vice-Rectorate in its function of planning, organizing, directing and supervising the activities of the student community in the University.

Student Rulebook (Exams, tests and Evaluation System)

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Functions of the Deanery of Student Welfare

a) To ensure the faithful fulfillment of the philosophy, mission, objectives, regulations, norms and procedures of the University regarding the development of the activities of the student community.

b) To suggest policies, norms and procedures for the maintenance of the harmonious relations between the university authorities and the students

c) Orient students in all matters concerning the philosophy, policies, rules, procedures and activities of the University.

d) Receive complaints and complaints from students, enabling solutions to each of them.

e) To advise the students in the organization of student groups in the University and to offer facilities for the development of their activities.

f) Promote activities that allow the integration of students to the University.

g) Plan, organize, direct and supervise the activities of the personnel under its dependence, for the achievement of the goals, objectives and goals proposed by the Dean.

h) Elaborate and execute the annual plan of activities of the Deanery, in accordance with the development plan of the University.

i) Present annual report of the Deanery and any other periodic report established by the Academic Vice-Chancellery or any higher body of the University.

j) To propose to the Vice-Rector’s Office the appointment of the personnel who will hold positions within the Dean’s Office, in accordance with the provisions of the current regulations.

k) To propose to the corresponding authorities the modifications in the regulations of the Student Regime of the University, in matters that are within its competence.

l) Any other function assigned to it by the Academic Vice-Rector’s Office, the Statutes and the Regulations of the University.


Dean: Arq. Jose Antonio Constanzo.

Mail: [email protected]
Building: No. 8
Phone: 809-562-6601 Exts. 1044 & 1122