Co-curricular Hours


The National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña, maintains, as an important part of its philosophy, a conception that is directed to the formation of a man in all its dimensions and perspectives.

It is therefore a matter of promoting within the University an appropriate space for people to be fully trained in it. And it is, in this context, to contribute to creating a man conscious of himself and his history, with an open, critical and constructive attitude, in which the Department is located.

According to these intentions, each academic period develops a program with activities that bring new and updated knowledge and, at the same time, give students the opportunity to live richer and varied experiences complementary to the regular curriculum of each career .

We intend to contribute to developing in students a harmonious personality, endowed with a global and critical vision of the universe, and conscious of the prominent place that occupy today the sciences, the methodologies and the most advanced technologies.

In addition, it is of great interest to us that young people are trained with the appropriate tools to deal with dignity, courage and solidarity with an increasingly conflictive and dehumanized world.

The Department, together with the Schools and Faculties, prepares monthly a program of activities in response to the proposals of the different academic units and to the applications presented by professors and students interested in participating actively as lecturers or as sponsors of certain activities. Likewise, the Department coordinates activities with other national and foreign institutions and personalities linked to science, the arts and culture.

Activities not coordinated in advance with the Cocurricular office, will not be recognized by it. Nor will hours be credited to activities that have already taken place without the necessary coordination and agreement.

Attendance to academic co-curricular activities for a certain number of hours is a prerequisite for obtaining an academic degree and for issuing the documents that certify it. However, this character does not justify the practice of canceling classes to send students to fill spaces

The Department is governed by a system of accrediting hours and student evaluation appropriate to the specific nature of academic co-curricular activities. For them the system of co-curricular hours has been created.

Co-curricular hours are set on a scale of 1 to 3, regardless of the duration of the activity; given:

  • The importance of the activity for the general formation of the student
  • The category and quality of the speaker
  • The interest of the activity for the University and its authorities

The number of co-curricular hours required for each course must be approved by the Academic Council, in consultation with the Academic Vice-Chancellery.


Procedure - A

At the beginning of all co-curricular activities, the supervisor supervises the evaluation and distributes attendance papers to the attending students within ten minutes of the beginning.

Procedure - B

The student who arrives outside the time limit established in the previous section, will not be entitled to receive the Attendance Control Ballot of the Co-curricular Activities.

Procedure - C

The student who must leave the place where the co-curricular activity takes place will deliver the complete ballot to the supervisor, who will note the time of departure. In no case shall the absence exceed ten (10) minutes. When the student returns to the classroom, if the previous condition is met, the supervisor marks the reentry time on the ballot and returns it. Otherwise it will retain and indicate in the box of the observations what happened.

Procedure - D

At the end of the activity, the student gives the supervisor the right part of the completed ballot and holds the left heel as proof of attendance.

Procedure - E

In specific situations the School that organizes the activity and previous coordination with the office of cocurriculares, will be in charge of taking the attendance. The attendance list must be delivered to the co-curricular office within 48 hours for digitization in the control system

Procedure - F

The  Cocurricular office is responsible for typing in the established electronic system the attendance of the students to each activity, within a period not more than 48 hours after the activity was carried out, or the control lists taken by the respective School were received.

Procedure - G

The  Cocurricular office will send  an updated electronic copy of attendance control to the Academic Vice rectory office

Students must submit to the Department the stub of the ballot in case they wish to make a claim or verify their attendance to a particular co-curricular activity for accreditation purposes.

Only exceptionally, and at the criteria of the School or Faculty, in coordination with the Cocurricular office, certificates of activities not related to the University but that contribute to the training of the young professional will be recognized. In this case, the same scale of 1 to 3 co-curricular hours per activity, irrespective of its duration, would be applied.

The Office of Co-Curricular Activities is enriched with the contribution and collaboration of each and every one of the people interested in offering something of themselves to others.