Local Students


Requirement for Dominican students coming from high school

Admissions application form, duly completed
• Legalized birth certificate.
• Original record of grades for the last four years in the school of origin.
• High school diploma or certificate
• Three (3) photographs 2 x 2
• Photocopy of personal identification card and/or passport.
• Medical certificate
• All new entry candidates are submitted to a university admissions exam
• Copy of vaccination record for medical students

Dominican students transferring from another University (Transfers)

Admissions application form, duly completed
• Original legalized birth certificate
• Copy of personal and electoral identity card
• Medical certificate
• Three (3) photographs 2×2
• High school diploma or certificate
• Two (2) official transcripts (record of grades) from the University of origin. One (1) of them original and legalized by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (MESCyT) in the Dominican Republic
• Copies of the study programs duly stamped by the University of origin.
• Two (2) letters of recommendation
• Copy of vaccination records (for medical students)

Steps to follow

Watch for publication in newspapers of the call for admissions

Fill out the on-line admissions form

In the admissions office obtain the presentation card for the admissions exam

Report to take the admissions exam in the place, at the time, and on the date indicated on your Presentation Card.

If admitted, you must start the enrollment process on the date indicated. Otherwise you can collect your documents in the admissions office.