Admissions Test

What is the University Admissions Test?

The University Admissions Test measures the student´s ability to carry out university studies.  Although based on some acquired knowledge, it is basically a test of reasoning ability.

What is the structure of the test?

This test evaluates knowledge in different areas (Spanish Language, Mathematics, Social Sciences; Natural Sciences and Human Behavior) and the student´s ability in establishing relationships, resolving problems, and understanding and assimilating concepts.
The test questions are answered not on the booklet but on the answer sheet placed inside it.  On this sheet each question is identified by a number, and to the right are 4 letters that represent the possible answers to each question. .
The letter representing the correct answer must be filled in completely in pencil.
If none of the circles is filled in or if more than one circle on the same question is filled in, the answer is considered to be incorrect.

What type of questions does the test include?

The university admissions test is designed to determine the student´s ability to think, based on the skill he exhibits in three sections:

1. 76 verbal items, in this format: Completing phrases, analogies, synonyms, compression of text
2. 60 mathematical items with the following content: Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data sufficiency
3. Section of specific items of knowledge about: Literature, history, physics, chemistry, languages…

What documents does the student need to have on the day of the test?

When he applies for admission to the university, he will be issued an identification card for the admissions test.  The card indicates the date, time, building, and classroom where he will take the test.  The card also contains his photograph stamped by the Registration Office.
On the day of the test the student must report to the place and at the time indicated, with his identification card duly stamped.
In order to take the admissions test, the student is required to present the test identification card.

What additional material is required for the student to take the test?

The university will hand out the material necessary for taking the test (booklet and pencils) and at the time of the test will distribute is, so that the student doesn´t need to bring any material to take the test.  In addition, the student will not be permitted to use rulers, dictionaries, calculators or supplementary paper.  Calculations that have to be made can be done in the test booklet itself.