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About Admissions

I am underage and do not have an identity card. Can I enroll if I don´t have this document?

If the student doesn´t have an identification card yet, he will be allowed to enter the university, but he must present the identification card when he comes of age.

Can I take the admissions exam without having all the documents ready?

You can take the admissions exam, but you can´t enroll if you still have documents pending.

Is there a minimum or maximum age to be able to study?

If you have completed your high school studies and have the documents issued by the Ministry of Education, we have no objection to your age for you to enroll in UNPHU.

I finished high school, but I still have to take one subject on the national exams. Can I enter the university conditionally?

You cannot enter the university until you have passed all the subjects on the National Exams.

Do scholarship students have to take the university admissions exam?

Because of their excellent grades and type of entry, they don´t have to take admissions exams, since they are evaluated on other aptitudes.

I studied overseas, and I have documents given for revalidation in the Ministry of Education, but they still haven´t given me the resolution. Can I enter the university?

Your admission can be conditional until you receive the accreditation or High School certificate or diploma issued by the Ministry of Education, so long as you provide proof that your process has been received in the Ministry.


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