Concept of UNPHU Teaching Certification

What is the profile of the UNPHU teacher?

  • Mastery of his professional area and the techniques and tools for learning
  • Innovation
  • Enjoys leadership and an ability to communicate, oriented towards the common good
  • Mastery of the development of competencies
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Sense of ethics and fairness
  • Oriented toward improving and preserving the environment

What does the concept of a UNPHU Teaching Certification refer to?

The program is designed to guarantee that teachers and directors have fulfilled the training requirements of the “UNPHU Education Model.”

This formal and structured process of education implies a deliberate and systematic intention that is expressed in the program´s official curriculum with the defined schedules and calendars.

The participant will interact with other professors from the institution to share ideas and experiences under a culture of ethics and excellence.

After successfully concluding his theoretical and practical training, the teacher will receive a certificate to confirm his having successfully completed the program. With this certificate the institution provides a written guarantee that the teacher has complied with the specified standards and requirements.

How are the results of the certification measured, in other words, the controls and measurement of results?

Each professor will have an electronic case file in the “Teaching Evaluation and Development Unit” that will include the certification, re-certifications and other courses taken by the professor during his life as a teacher in the institution. The file will include teaching evaluations.

The measurement of the program results will be done by computer. After the certification is achieved, comparative statistics will be produced concerning the evaluations of the teachers by academic period. They will allow us to measure the effectiveness of the program.