University Prep School

Message from the Director

Welcome and Thank you for your motivation and interest to come and Access some of the information and credentials that defines us as an Educational Center of Academic Excellence. We reiterate our cordial invitation to become part of the educational community of the Pre-University School Dr. Luis Alfredo Duvergé Mejía of the UNPHU.

Create a model of education offered which constitutes a reference to a national level, for its excellence and innovation, defines our main objective, which is a commitment.

The Pre-University School Dr. Luis Alfredo Duvergé Mejía is property of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, managing Corporate Institution responsible for its creation.

The implementation of our educational model of the Center constitutes at the same time, a gradual but continuous and systematic proposal toward modernisation and innovation of the academic and institutional processes, as well as the conditions of the natural structural character and quality of management.

The Institutional Strategic Plan is a vivid and rigorous statement about what the Institution aspires to convert to in accordance with the organizational culture and the major challenges facing both the management team and the team of teachers.

The achievement of our goals requires action plans that define specific activities for all of the participants in the educational process according to different functions or roles, which must be executed in a concerted manner.

As we move forward in the development of our strategic planes, it enables a multiplier and cascade effect that begins with the identification of critical areas, diagnosis, FODA, objectives, tactics and action plans that generate and create the potential that accommodates and adds value to the grown and to the solution of the problems.

In short, our objectives and strategies establish and reinforce priorities throughout the organizational structure and throughout the delivery chain.

Thank you for giving us your attention and serving as our inspiration to continue to promote excellencce in the Institution and working to maintain this Educational Center as a place of preference of the fathers and mothers for the education of their sons and daughters!

Lic. Venecia Faneytt Minervino