New York Extension

The National University Pedro Henríquez Ureña UNPHU in its New York campus, offers Post-graduate programs for the training, improvement and updating of professionals. Currently, programs are offered in different areas of knowledge.

UNPHU NY Campus Address

549 Audubon Ave, New York, NY 10040, EE. UU
Room No.148
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Master’s in Education, General Requirements

EDU-500      Educative Administration
EDU-501       Educative Investigation
EDU-502      Educative Planning
EDU-505      Educative Supervision
EDU-521       Technology Applied to Education
EDU-530      Processes and Strategies of Learning
EDU-531       Curricular Theory, Design, Development and Evaluation
EDU-618       Human Development and Learning
Note: The student must complete 18 of the 24 credits indicated above


M.A.  Orientation and Counseling (OCO)

OCO-600     School Orientation and Counseling
OCO-601    Evaluation and Diagnostics in OCO
OCO-602    Evaluation of Children and Adolescents
OCO-603       Development of Orientation Careers
OCO-604     Coordination and Management of OCO Services
OCO-605      Process of Human Development
OCO-606      Orientation for Prevention and Development: Drugs and Aids
OCO-607      Planning and Design of Orientation and Counseling Programs
OCO-613       Orientation and Individual and Group Conseling Practice I
OCO-900         Thesis
Electives (6 credits)
OCO-609       Deviations of Learning
OCO-612        Prevention and Resolution of Conflicts and Violence
OCO-614         OCO Individual and Group Practice II

Bilingual Education-EDB

EDB-600      Principles of Bilingual Education
EDB-601       Elaboration and Evaluation of Materials for Bilingual Education
EDB-602       Acquisition of a Second Language
EDB-603       Theory and Practice of Bilingual/Multicultural Education
EDB-604       Teaching the Arts, Reading and Writing of English as a Second Language
EDB-605       Teaching of Mathematics and Science in a Second Language
LET-600        Linguistic and Sociocultural Diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean
LET-601          Theory and Basics of Linguistics, Applied to the Spanish Language
EDB-900          Thesis
Electives (6 credits)
LET-610            Psycholinguistic Processes in the Acquisition of the Mother Tongue (Spa)
LET-606            Teaching of Reading and Writing in the Native Language (Spanish)

Applied Linguistics to the Teaching of Spanish-LET

LET-600 Linguistic and Sociocultural Diversity in Latin America and the Caribbean

LET-601 Theory and Basis of Applied Linguistics to Spanish Language
LET-602 Acquisition and Learning of Spanish

LET-603 Applied Linguistics to the Teaching of Spanish
LET-605 Theoretical Orientations- Methodologies in the Teaching/Learning of Spanish
LET-606 Teaching of Reading and Writing in the Native Language (Spanish)
LET-607 Application of the Phonological Theory to the Teaching of Spanish

LET-610 Psycholinguistic Processes in the Acquisition of the Mother Tongue (Spa)

LET-902 Thesis
Electives (6 credits)
EDB-602 Acquisition of a Second Language
LET-609 Latin American Literature and its Teaching
LET-611 Methodology of Teaching of the Morfosyntax of Spanish Language

Special Education-EDE

EDE-601 Evaluation and Diagnosis in Special Education
EDE-602 Principles and New Trends in Special Education
EDE-603 Special Educational Needs I
EDE-604 Special Educational Needs II
EDE-605 Modification of Conduct Applied in the Classroom
EDE-606 Family Therapy and Community Participation in the Process of EDE
EDE-607 Inclusive Education Projects
EDE-612 Psychopedagogical Evaluation in EDE
Electives (6 credits)
EDE-617 Difficulties in Learning Literacy: Diagnosis and Intervention
EDE-609 Deviations of Learning, Sensory and Affective Behaviour

EDE-618 Teaching Mathematics to students with Special Education Needs
EDE-613 Psychopedagogical Intervention in EDE

School Counseling

OCO-615 Counseling Theories
OCO-616 Roles and Functions of the School Counselor
OCO-617 Psychological Counseling of Children and Adolescents
OCO-618 Ethics and Professional Conduct in Counseling
OCO-619 School and Community Relations
OCO-620 Multicultural Counseling
OCO-621 Career and Work Counseling
OCO-622 Sexual Counseling
OCO-623 Family Counseling
OCO-624 Gender Issues in Counseling
OCO-625 Foundations and Techniques of School Counseling
OCO-627 Advanced School Counseling Seminar