La Vega Campus

About the Campus

The La Vega Campus was founded on March 5th, 1973, at the request of a select group of intellectuals from La Vega, led by Professor Francisco Javier Abréu Almánzar, supported by the Foundation for the Development of the Province of La Vega.

It is located at #71 Federico García Godoy Avenue in Sector Villa Fresca, on a plot of land of some 12,040 square meters, which with its improvements consists of a two-storey building, which was declared a Dominican Cultural Heritage site, and was donated by the Dominican State to the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University.

The campus houses four of the seven schools in the university´s Central Campus:  Legal and Political Sciences, with the School of Law, Economic and Social Sciences and the Schools of Hotel Administration, Accounting and Auditing, Market Administration and Business Administration, Humanities, and Education, as well as the School of Engineering Sciences and Technology with the Schools of Surveying and Information Systems.