Major in Surveying

Our purpose is to provide the Surveyor with the skill to use the new technologies that the market offers, including information science, the proper use of measuring and positioning systems, modern systems for legalizing documents related to real estate matters.


Why should I major in surveying in the UNPHU?

The Dominican programs has bachelor´s degree programs in the various areas of engineering, which have been characterized by the development of a competitive professional with international accreditation, to satisfy the demands and needs that come with new times and new technologies.

It´s also usual that professionals from areas related to engineering can compete in a marketplace that every day presents new challenges, discipline, ability, organization, and knowledge. It´s worth noting that the programs in this discipline have been improving along with this career. Surveying in our country has turned its professionals into entities of great value who have fulfilled their role in time and space in society by using technological advances that the profession offers, and placing them at the service of our nation.

As has been stated throughout this program, the challenges our country now faces require competitive technical surveyors not just on the national but the international level, which has truly been our guiding concern.


School of Surveying
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The mission of the School of Science and Technology is to train students in the engineering sciences that society demands, develop applied research, and link it to our surroundings, spreading knowledge and culture through extension services, in accordance with the country´s needs for growth and development, in a spirit of ethics, innovation, and competition.

The vision of the School of Science and Technology is to be an academic body with a solid humane, academic, and professional shaping of its teachers, students, and personnel, and with social awareness to respond to the demands of their national surroundings in the training of professionals, in research, and extension services in their area of competence.



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