Major in Geomatics Engineering

Geomatics, or geomatics engineering (this latter term being composed of geo, or “Earth,” and “matics,” or “informatics”), also called spatial information, geospatial information, and even geospatial technology, is the science of the management of geographical information using information and communications technologies. This includes the acquisition, modeling, treatment, storing, recuperation, analysis, exploitation, representation, and broadcasting of geodesy, photogrammetry and tele-detection, Geographical Information Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructure. It is related to any science that presupposes the processing of geographical information.


Why major in Geomatics Engineering at the UNPHU?

An UNPHU graduate with a major in Geomatics Engineering is a professional with a high scientific, technological, and humanistic profile, possessing diverse areas of knowledge affirmed by his academic practice, which will give him the skills to identify, formulate, and resolve engineering problems within the domain of his profession. He will possess knowledge of the use of basic and advanced technologies used in the areas of his specialization (topography, geodesy, cartography, photogrammetry, tele-detection, geographic and cadastral information systems), which will allow him to apply, direct and manage processes involving GEO-spatial information.

He will have mathematical, physical, geo-informatic, legal, and socioeconomic knowledge that will allow him to operate at any level of his specialty, with the necessary work instruments that are the scientific-technical guide to his performance.


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