Career in Computer Systems Engineering

Why study for a career in Computer Systems Engineering?

  • Computer Systems Engineering is the integration of processes, applications, tools, and equipment composing a system that will allow you to achieve specific personal, organizational, academic, scientific, state, or worldwide objectives, among others.
  • It attempts to achieve the best results through the implementation of standards, norms, and methodologies that formalize the processes of design, development, and implementation of computerized solutions.
  • It seeks to incorporate mobility as a resources in order to facilitate access to information, operations, transactions, and processes which according to their priority must be attended without delay.
  • It establishes different channels as an alternative for developing commercial, educational, or scientific initiatives, seeking always to establish the best cost-performance relationship.
  • It formalizes different versions of products which, once revised, permit the incorporation of updated developments, capable of resolving the most complex situations.
  • It visualizes the world of entertainment as part of the human equilibrium, it introduces society to games and activities that allow a practical distraction, either personal or shared.
  • It analyzes and evaluates the different ways of incorporating technology into the various social entities, seeking to add value, improving operations in time or cost.

Why study a major in Systems Engineering in the UNPHU?

  • UNPHU´s school of Computer Systems Engineering is one of the first formal schools for the study of computers to be established in a Dominican University.
  • It set the bar in higher education for the study of, and the demand for professionals in computer science as of 1974, when UNPHU students took bachelor´s degrees in mathematics with a specialization or concentration in computing.
  • The principal professionals and teachers in the area of computing in the Dominican Republic were trained in our classrooms; nationally, they constitute one of the most important work forces and sources of directors in Information Technologies. UNPHU graduates work in important companies and projects on an international level.
  • UNPHU has one of the most complete and up-to-date computer-related engineering programs offered in the country.
  • The UNPHU school of Computer Systems Engineering revises and updates its academic offering and programs every 4 years, in accordance with national and global demands and needs.
  • It has professors with many years of experience, trained in our classrooms and with particular experience in their area of teaching.
  • It forms part of the ClusterSoft convention, a program that allows professionals trained in our classrooms to enter the labor market with complimentary training in areas of knowledge demanded by technology companies who are members of the Cluster.
  • Exchange agreements and programs with important international universities.
  • Guided and personalized advisement and counselling during their stay in the University.


School of Computational Eng.
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The mission of the School of Science and Technology is to train students in the engineering sciences that society demands, develop applied research, and link it to our surroundings, spreading knowledge and culture through extension services, in accordance with the country´s needs for growth and development, in a spirit of ethics, innovation, and competition.

The vision of the School of Science and Technology is to be an academic body with a solid humane, academic, and professional shaping of its teachers, students, and personnel, and with social awareness to respond to the demands of their national surroundings in the training of professionals, in research, and extension services in their area of competence.



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