Major in Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the professional engineering discipline that employs knowledge of calculus, hydraulic mechanics, and physics for the design, construction, and maintenance of infrastructures, including roadways, railways, airports, dams, and other related constructions.


Why study for a major in civil engineering from the UNPHU?

Our objectives are to educate engineers who will contribute scientifically-based solutions to society´s needs, while always adhering to a spirit of ethics and human values.

To encourage in students the acquisition of engineering and technology tools to respond positively to the challenges of a changing world.

To promote the application of the fundamental knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics, and engineering, to create proposals and implement solutions for experiments and research projects.  To prepare students to apply effective communication tools


School of Civil Engineering
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The mission of the School of Science and Technology is to train our students in the sciences of engineering that society demands, to develop applied research, and to connect it to its surroundings, spreading knowledge and culture through extension services, in accordance with the country´s needs for growth and development, with a spirit of ethics, innovation, and competitiveness.

The vision of the School of Science and Technology is to be an academic body with solid human, academic, and professional preparation of its teaching staff, students, and personnel, and with social recognition to respond to the demands of its surroundings in the preparation of professionals, in research, and in extension services in its area of competence.



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