Major in Chemical Engineering

One´s life itself is a chemical process, breathing, digestion, and even the attraction to human beings is a chemical process; there is no area of modern life in which the chemical engineer has not contributed; it´s the most complete  type of engineering, it covers the knowledge of design of processes and equipment, with skills to conceive of, calculate, build, start up, operate, evaluate, plan, optimize, direct, form, lead, audit, foresee changes and innovate, in industry and processes where matter changes its form, composition, or energy.  It´s the act of administering and optimizing resources.

The creation of projects; designs and installation of industries; quality control; and the directing of production are responsibilities that rest on the shoulders of a highly qualified professional such as the Chemical Engineer, whose educational profile is oriented towards these responsibilities.


Why major in Chemical Engineering in the UNPHU?

The Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University, the first private university in the Dominican Republic, has an excellent Chemical Engineering program.

It has a competencies-based curriculum, in accord with our times, with an environmentally friendly practical component, a profile of entry and graduation that strengthens the use of sciences in an ethical manner.

All of this is developed on a campus equipped with practice and research laboratories, designed and equipped in accordance with the highest standards of quality and which are used by a teaching and administrative staff constantly trained to maintain the excellence of the teaching and learning process.


School of Chemical Engineering
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Location: Building 2

The Mission of the School of Science and Technology is to train human resources in the engineering sciences that society demands, to develop applied research, and link it to its surroundings, spreading knowledge and culture the extension services, according to the country´s needs for growth and development, in an ethical, innovative, and competitive spirit.

The vision of the School of Science and Technology is to be an academic body with solid human, academic and professional formation of its teachers, students, and personnel, and with social recognition to respond to the demands of the national surroundings in the training of professionals, in research, and in extension services in its area of competency.



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