School of Science and Technology

The School of Science and Technology is the academic body responsible for coordinating and supervising the execution of the university´s technology-related study programs, besides offering to its academic units the service courses and assignments in their respective fields of knowledge which they demand, in addition to fulfilling its social role of offering to its graduates and to society in general in the Continuing Education programs, those courses they demand in order to remain professionally current.

Also in accordance with the university philosophy, it fulfills the responsibility of carrying out research projects that are in the national interest and within the scope of university policy.

The School of Science and Technology is made up of the Departments of Computer and Information Systems Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, the schools of Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Surveying, Geospatial Technology, and the Graduate School.



The Mission of the School of Science and Technology is to train human resources in the engineering sciences that society demands, to develop applied research, and link it to its surroundings, spreading knowledge and culture the extension services, according to the country´s needs for growth and development, in an ethical, innovative, and competitive spirit.


The vision of the School of Science and Technology is to be an academic body with solid human, academic and professional formation of its teachers, students, and personnel, and with social recognition to respond to the demands of the national surroundings in the training of professionals, in research, and in extension services in its area of competency.