Career in Law

Why study Law?

  • The student majoring in Law tries to critically shape the legal professionals necessary to contribute to the transformations demanded by independent national development, in that sense assuming the necessary obligation of materializing that commitment by creating the professionals that present circumstances and the near future demand, thus establishing the shaping of legal professionals capable of assuming the scientific, didactic, social, and the individual role on both public and private levels corresponding to them due to the very nature of the profession.
  • Our school as an active entity and aware that our society requires the training of Law professionals capable of assuming with a moral and ethical commitment the exercise of their profession vis-à-vis their fellow citizens, putting into practice the knowledge they acquire through the performance of the public and private functions demanded by society, has assumed that commitment in order to overcome the crisis affecting the justice system and legal institutions of the Dominican Sate, by elevating the level of general juridical culture and thus recuperating the trust lost in this class of professionals.

Why study for a degree in law at the UNPHU?

The School of Law since its beginnings has stood out for its training of professionals who have responded to the needs and interests of individuals, society, and the nation, providing them with the skills to confront the demands and challenges of a globalized society in the XXIst  century.

  • The major in Law at the UNPHU can be completed in 4 years.
  • We have a Forensic Practice Hall, which replicates a Dominican courtroom, where students can practical in the administration of civil, criminal, and labor law proceedings.
  • The Law School has graduated numerous prestigious professionals, who are a living testament to the daily practice of their field with dignity in the various areas of public and private law.
  • Our teachers are highly trained legal professionals with vast working experience in their respective areas on both the national and international levels.

All of this makes the Law School the ideal academic setting for anyone who wishes to learn about the law, justice, and fairness, to achieve through his professional practice a humanist-oriented and just society.


Law School
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To teach the guidelines for the establishing and effectiveness of the norms of social conduct.

To train professionals with full command of the contents of Law and its Practice for graduates to be able to confront the problems of the justice system with firmness and integrity, seeking effective enforcement of the laws.



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