School of Legal and Political Science

The Academic Unit of the Law School offers a program for a Bachelor´s Degree in Law, with a duration of four (4) years, divided into three (3) four-month periods per year, for a total of twelve (12) four-month periods, equivalent to four (4) academic years, with a total of 210 credits that the student must complete to be granted the degree.

The School also has a Political Science Department, which offers a Master´s Degree in Political Science, structured in two cycles, one basic with a duration of three four-month period, with 22 credits, and two specializations of three four-month periods, with a total of 23 credits for each, Political Science and International Relations, plus 6 credits for the Thesis. The total academic load is 51 credits for each one of the specializations.


To each the guidelines for the establishment and effectiveness of the norms of social conduct.


To train professionals with a full mastery of the contents of Law and Legal Practice so that graduates can face the problems of the justice system with decision and integrity, in the pursuit of the effectiveness of the law.