Major in Special Education

Society has need of updated, pro-active teachers with broad knowledge about inclusive education that qualify them to teach persons with different levels and rhythms of learning.

Through the program for a Bachelor´s Degree in Special Education, UNPHU attempts to train professionals who are capable of creating spaces for the development of human capacities through the design, application, and evaluation of strategies of intervention in an inclusive classroom setting.


  • Promote in Special Education professionals with personal and social attitudes and values that will allow them to successfully fulfill their function.
  • Promote the application of scientific and human principles in the knowledge and interpretation of the educational and behavioral context of the subject itself.
  • Shape a professional who is capable of managing – with the school´s resources – a potentializing space for development of human capacities that will generate confidence in personal resources, self-esteem, and optimization of inter-personal relationships.
  • Provide students with a clear and functional conceptual framework regarding Special Education and attention to diversity constructed with a critical vision, which will allow them to perceive the relationships existing between educational activities and all social relationships within which the educational process occurs.
  • Develop in participants a positive attitude with curiosity regarding the specific educational needs and the diversity that will permit the analysis of the values and practices underlying the diverse conceptions.
  • Provide the tools necessary that will allow participants to learn how to design, apply, and evaluate strategies of intervention in an inclusive schoolroom environment.

Why major in Special Education in the UNPHU?

The UNPHU School of Education has always been considered one of the best in the country, as well as one of the few offering the program in Special Education.

Because at UNPHU we invite you to collaborate with the learning provided for persons who have specific needs of educational support.  Because we also inculcate the valuing of the differences between each human being from our classrooms, and because we have the best specialists in the area of inclusive education to train our students.


The School of Education is in charge of administering the Major in Special Education, which can be done in 12 periods over a time period of 4 years.


The marked absence of teachers in the area of Special Education, in contrast to the growing demand of education for persons with disabilities, especially taking into account the new paradigms of educational inclusion and attention to diversity, is highly concerning.  Some 10% of the world-wide population suffers from some type of disability, including the Dominican Republic.

Society needs updated and proactive teachers with broad knowledge about inclusive education and related disciplines, who qualify to teach persons with different levels and rhythms of learning.


Special Education School
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To train professionals with a humanistic perspective that will allow the institution to achieve its mission, vision, and values. Proactive and creative graduates with skills and competencies that enable them to face the challenges of the millennium.

Maintain academic leadership in consonance with the demands of society, with graduates characterized by excellence who will uphold the prestige that distinguishes the UNPHU.

  •  Academic Excellence
  • Responsability
  • Truth
  • Fairness
  • Ethic
  • Social Commitment.

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