The Major in Industrial Psychology

Psychology is a science that studies the mental processes and behavior of human beings and their interaction with their surroundings.  The professional training acquired when studying a major in Psychology prepares future psychologists to understand, interpret, analyze, and explain human behavior, develop the basic skills and abilities to evaluate and intervene in individual and social situations through the life cycle, in order to promote and improve the quality of life, confront the challenges of preventing and intervening in favor of mental health, confront contemporary problems such as anxiety and stress, in the clinical and educational realms and in private enterprise and institutions.

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Why study for a career in Industrial Psychology at the UNPHU?

  • Our School of Psychology, through its extensive and productive history, has contributed to the formation of most of the outstanding professionals in the area in this country, as shown by our list of successful graduates.
  • We are the School that has made the greatest contributions to Psychometry and Psychology in this country.
  • We guarantee a solid professional formation where the Psychology student will acquire the knowledge that defines and articulates Psychology as a scientific discipline, including its theories, methods, and areas of application.
  • We are one of the few universities in this country that has a Gesell Chamber, a Psychology laboratory for students majoring in Industrial Psychology can gradually approach the practice that they will engage in as professionals, where they observe the implementation of the theories proposed about the functioning of the human psyche, through case studies, and understand the essence of the different types of intervention performed in the field.
  • The basic cycle of our study plan is one of the most complete in this country; it prepares students to engage in one of the three specializations that we offer: Clinical Psychology, Student Psychology, and Industrial Psychology, broadening the menu of options in terms of preferences, and profiling the areas of labor options.
  • Our school offers treatment (sic)
  • We have professors trained in teaching, with professional experience and outstanding human qualities.
  • This academic training is enriched by sincere interest in human development, a call to service, and adherence to the ethical principles promoted by our institutional philosophy.


Industrial Psychology School
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Location: Building 4

To train professionals with a humanistic perspective that will allow them to achieve the institutions mission, vision, and values.  It aims to graduate professionals who are proactive, creative, and with the capacities and competencies that will allow them to face the challenges of the millennium.

To maintain academic leadership in consonance with the demands of society.  To produce graduates of excellence who will guarantee the continuation of the position of prestige occupied by the UNPHU.

  • Acedemic Excellence
  • Responsability
  • Truth
  • Fairness
  • Ethic
  • Social Commitment

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