School of Humanities and Education

The history of the School of Humanities and Education dates back to the very beginning of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University in 1966. At that time it was called the School of the Humanities, since there was already an Educational Sciences School. Years later both schools merged, for academic reasons: they coincided in part of their missions and values.

The School of Humanities and Education is the academic unit responsible for coordinating the study programs in Education, Psychology, and Counselling, in addition to administering and offering to the various schools courses in their respective areas.

It contributes to maintaining efficiency in the teaching services of the departments belonging to the dean´s office by developing research projects in the area of the humanities, linked to the development of teaching and contemporary topics of national and university interest. It also encourages the development of activities of cultural extension through the school´s various academic units, and spreads the thinking and Works of Pedro Henríquez Ureña among the university´s student body and elsewhere.



To train professionals with a humanistic perspective that will allow the institution to achieve its mission, vision, and values. Proactive and creative graduates with skills and competencies that enable them to face the challenges of the millennium.


Maintain academic leadership in consonance with the demands of society, with graduates characterized by excellence who will uphold the prestige that distinguishes the UNPHU.


It shares the institution´s values, very especially academic excellence, responsibility, truth, fairness, ethics, and social commitment.


• Contribute to the efficiency of the teaching services of the Departments that are dependencies of the Office of the Dean.
• Develop research projects in the area of the humanities.
• Encourage the development of cultural extension activities through the various academic units composing the School.
• Spread the thinking and works of Pedro Henríquez Ureña, in both the academic community and other realms.