Competencies of a Bachelor´s Degree in Pharmacology from UNPHU

Specific Objectives in studying Pharmacology

The objective of the School is to shape the best professionals in the country with the highest academic, moral, biotic, technological, and scientific level, allowing us to introduce into the marketplace professionals who make us proud by possessing the highest levels of efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the demands of modern times.

By obtaining a Bachelor´s Degree in pharmacology, the graduate will be able to:

  • Enter without difficulty the various areas related to the holder of a bachelor´s degree in pharmacology.
  • Direct and evaluate the work of his subordinates with professional and humane criteria
  • Perform his functions within the framework of the profession´s code of ethics.
  • Demonstrate command of the democratic practices of both his role as a member and as a leader, in meetings and events where he is called upon to act.
  • Issue critical judgements about situations of conflict that merit serious and responsible study on his part.
  • Demonstrate a permanent willingness towards professional growth through study and the updating of his scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Serve, with an attitude of dedication, the requirements of society to attend the problems posed by his field of work.
  • Demonstrate skill in the handling of the different technological processes with a critical sense and responsibility.
  • Assume responsibility for, or respond to the application of total quality not just with the high technology the industry requires, but also in its inter-relationship with the purposes and ends sought regarding the user and society as a whole.
  • Demonstrate creative ability to apply the knowledge acquired in resolving problems.