A Major in Pharmacology

The curriculum for the Pharmacology program consists of 12 semesters to be taken over the course of 4 years, which are organized as follows:  Basic Cycle of 5 semesters and one professional cycle of 7 semesters.  This program contains elective courses, as well as tutored practices held in the future areas of professional work, and an internship of a minimum of 560 hours in the National Pharmaceutical Industry, which allows the student to acquire the familiarity and skills necessary to compete successfully in the labor market.


Why study in the UNPHU for a career in Pharmacology?

Our School of Pharmacology was created when the University was founded, on April 21st, 1966, to offer programs for higher education in pharmacy, and as such is the oldest program belonging to a private university.

We have the most prestigious program of all Dominican Universities for the study of pharmacology, a fact demonstrated by the professional success of our graduates and our high rate of employment in the labor market on both nationally and internationally.

During the Basic Cycle for Pharmacology, our students use the laboratories installed on our Campus.  In the professional cycle, the School of Pharmacology has laboratories duly equipped for practices in subjects such as: Bromatology, Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharmaco-botany, Pharmacognosy, and Toxicology.  The practices for courses of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology use the installations of the Anatomy Institute and the Institute of Physiological Sciences and Experimental Medicine, respectively.

Specific Objectives in studying the major in Pharmacy

The objective of the School is to train the best professionals in the country with the highest academic, moral, biotic, technological, and scientific level, sending out into the labor market professionals who will make us proud, with high levels of efficiency and effectiveness in accordance with the demands of modern times.

At the end of this major for a Bachelor´s Degree in pharmacology, the graduate will be able to do the following:

  • Integrate himself without difficulty in the various areas related to the profession of a bachelor´s degree in pharmacology.
  • Direct and evaluate the work of his subordinates with professional and humane criteria.
  • Perform his functions within the framework of his profession´s code of ethics.
  • Demonstrate a command of democratic practices both in his role as leader and in meetings and events where he called on to act.
  • Issue critical judgments on situations of conflict that merit a serious and responsible study of his part.
  • Demonstrate a permanent willingness towards professional growth through study and the updating of his scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Serve society´s needs with an attitude of dedication to attend the problems it poses in his field of work.
  • Reveal skills in the handling of the various technological processes with responsibility and a critical sense.
  • To be responsible or respond to the application of total quality not only with the high technology required by industry, but also in its inter-relationship with the purposes and ends sought by the user and society as a whole.
  • Demonstrate creative ability to apply the knowledge acquired in the solution of problems.


School of Pharmacology
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