Major in Odontology

UNPHU´s School of Odontology trains highly skilled professionals in the dental health of the individual; to do so, it requires 13 academic periods, equivalent to 4 years and 6 months.

Why study a major in odontology at the UNPHU?

UNPHU´s School of Odontology has always been considered one of the best in the country in terms of active practice in studying Odontology.  This means that the student must practice as assistant teacher for 7 academic periods out of the 13 periods in the present Major Curriculum.  We consider our school to be very active, where it provides personalized treatment of the student during the teaching-learning process, with very skilled professors with professional experience and high levels of academic preparation for each one of the specialties within Odontology.

We must point out that our School of Odontology has graduated prestigious professionals in the field who are recognized both nationally and internationally.

We also have the most outstanding program of student mobility, where our students do rotations in universities in other countries, including the School of Odontology of the National University of Monterrey, Mexico; the National University of Colombia; the Javeriana University of Colombia; and the School of Odontology of TUFTS University, in Boston, Massachusetts.

Our educational focus includes community activities carried out twice a year in mobile Surgery Operations for children born with malformations of the cavity of the mouth.  For these procedures, which are performed in the city of Moca, our students take part as assistants during surgery, performed by professors from the University of Puerto Rico, from Venezuela, and from our own School.

We have an up-to-date curriculum and the heaviest academic load falls on odontology courses, which are spread equally among the general curriculum courses.  Starting with the first semester they offer courses directly related to Odontology; the student also participates in prevention activities in a clinic when he starts at the university.


School of odontology
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