Medical Program

The Medical Program consists of 16 periods that can be completed in 5 years and 4 months, including the Pre—Med period, since students can do three periods a year of 15 weeks each. Before enrolling in the UNPHU Medical School program, most of our international students have already studied Pre-Med in their countries of origin. Dominican students usually do their Pre-Med studies in our university.

Why Study for a Career in Medicine?

UNPHU was the first private university to create a medical program in the Dominican Republic, and therefore possesses the greatest experience in the country. Our graduates have been accepted throughout the world owes to complete their medical specialties and to practice their profession. For this reason we have graduates of diverse nationalities, mainly from the Dominican Republic but also from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, Argentina, Venezuela, Honduras, Nicaragua, Haiti, Spain, Portugal, Japan, and China, among others. In addition there are agreements of student mobility with American and European Universities that allow students in the program to spend up to six months of rotation in our university, and vice versa.


School of Medicine
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Maintain a permanent commitment to the noble service of teaching and learning about health, to cultivate the best in human beings and contribute to the country and the world.
To serve as a universal reference point as a School of Health Sciences with the highest academic quality at the service of the integral development of the individual and society, in physical, psychological, and spiritual terms.
  • Solidarity
  • Fairness
  • Academic Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Humanism

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