School of Health Sciences

Why study at the UNPHU?

The School of Health Sciences of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University is made up of three schools: Medicine, Odontology, and Pharmacology, as well as three academic units: Graduate Studies, Research, and Public Health, and two Support units: Talent and Human Development, and Inter-Institutional Agreements. The Graduate Studies Unit supports and supervises important medical specialties (Residencies) in coordination with hospitals in the areas of: General Surgery, Oncological Surgery, Oncology, Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Family-Community Medicine, Geriatrics, and Gastroenterology.


About the faculty

The fundamental purpose of the School of Health Sciences it to maintain the tradition of academic and human excellence undertaken by our founding professors, and which exalts the memory and spirit of that illustrious master and universal humanist, Don Pedro Henríquez Ureña: an excellence expressed in the professional success attained by our graduates, who are defined by their qualities as proactive, with ethical values and human quality, and the competencies required to respond to the needs of our times, imaginative and innovative with a high sense of social commitment and promotion of the development of the health sector on both the national and international scale.
The School has several agreements with a number of prestigious national and international academic institutions. We are constantly oriented towards fulfilling the accreditation requirements set by the Dominican regulatory institutions (MESCYT, MISPAS, ADOFEM), as well as international agencies (United States Commission on Education for Foreigners, Examining Court of Puerto Rico, Intern-Resident Physician, in Spain).
The recently constructed health facilities on our exclusive ecological campus, together with the innovative policy of university management, offer ideal surroundings for the training of health professionals.


Maintain a permanent commitment to the noble service of teaching and learning about health, to cultivate the best in human beings and contribute to the country and the world.


To serve as a universal reference point as a School of Health Sciences with the highest academic quality at the service of the integral development of the individual and society, in physical, psychological, and spiritual terms.


Academic Excellence