Major in Market Management

Reasons to Study Market Management

The graduate holding a bachelor´s degree in market management from the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University will be able to design, plan, coordinate, and evaluate marketing strategies in both private companies and public institutions, which will drive the positioning of goods and services.

He is a business professional specializing in generating, analyzing, and interpreting market information in order to identify business opportunities. By studying and analyzing the market, he gets to know the market´s needs, identify habits, tastes, and preferences of consumers, and trends in consumer behavior.


Why study a major in market management at the UNPHU?

Our graduates in Market Management will be competent in:

  • The design and launching of new products
  • The design and execution of an advertising campaign
  • The design and execution of distribution and commercialization strategies
  • The development of business opportunities through innovation in products and services
  • The use of technology and information systems to potentialize the scope of commercialization and advertising through e-trade or electronic commerce.

The program establishes as a requirement for obtaining the Bachelor´s Degree in Market Management that the student successfully pass one hundred fifty credits and eighteen co-curricular hours.

The School of Market Management is in charge of directing the study program or major.  This can be completed in three years.  During the first three academic periods courses are given that offer broad knowledge about the Economic and Social sciences; in the second and third year the student is provided with marketing and administrative tools.

Our school has a large teaching staff with vast training and professional experience, who can transfer their knowledge and experience to their students.  The graduate with a bachelor´s degree in Market Management will have the potential to become a successful professional and contribute to the growth and development of networks for the commercialization and marketing of goods and services as well as the creation of businesses.


School of Marketing
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Within the menu of majors that it offers, this School seeks to fulfill the overall mission of the university of achieving the integral development of its people as suitable agents to forge the changes required by society, and contribute to the success of the labor and business worlds within the canons of ethics, science, and technology.

The School seeks to fulfill its social commitment by offering academic excellence and the training of graduates who, in addition to professional skills, will have a sense of a call to service, a critical and creative attitude, strong leadership skills and the ability to apply their knowledge advantageously for their businesses and for society in general.



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