Major in Accounting and Auditing


Offer the students who major in Accounting and Auditing a teaching experience at the highest level, providing a faculty with ideal aptitudes for exchange in the teaching-learning process in the major in Accounting and Auditing.  Also, promote the training of our professors in technological areas for better use of teaching tools; orient students towards a solid professional education; promote the training and updating of students and professors for efficient performance in positions of responsibility by both parties.

Areas of Study

The major in Accounting and Auditing prepares professionals who are dedicated to the methodical process of recording operations and transactions on which every organization is based, in order to uphold its results, make decisions, create budgets, and implement financial planning.

These professionals must be dynamic, pro-active at a high level, willing to spend time and concentrate, they must be open to change, new ideas, continuous learning, have a facility for the simple and efficient transmission of ideas, possess discretion and the skill to achieve commitments and results.

Why major in Accounting and Auditing?

  • It is a career with an excellent professional future, since a good bookkeeper can become one of the key figures in a company´s decision-making, or determine the new course of a government.
  • There is always a demand in this sector, and he can get a job relatively easily. In addition, in most multi-national companies this is one of the professions that receive best remuneration.
  • It allows independence, you can practice through a consultancy or by working in accounting and having your own business.
  • You can work while you study; in fact, the schedule is a nighttime one.
  • Accounting keeps you in touch with technology, since it´s ever more necessary to have information quickly and in computerized form.

Why study for a degree in accounting and auditing from the UNPHU?

The school of Accounting and Auditing of the UNPHU has many advantages, such as:

  • Academic excellence
  • The career has a duration of three years
  • Personalized treatment

Second widest network of graduates in the country.


School of Accounting and Aud.
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Within the selection of majors that it offers, this School seeks to fulfill the overall mission of the university of achieving the integral development of its people as suitable agents to forge the changes required by society, and contribute to the success of the labor and business worlds within the canons of ethics, science, and technology.

The School seeks to fulfill its social commitment by offering academic excellence and the training of graduates who, in addition to professional skills, will have a sense of a call to service, a critical and creative attitude, strong leadership skills and the ability to apply their knowledge advantageously for their businesses and for society in general.



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