Career in Architecture

The UNPHU School of Architecture and Urban Development is in charge of administering the Major in Architecture, which can be studied in 12 periods, equivalent to 4 years.

Why study for a career in Architecture?

  • Architecture deals with the designing, sketching, creating, planning, and even constructing of buildings, cities, and spaces where human beings live and work.
  • A career in Architecture has a great tradition, involving the arts, sciences, and technology in a contemporary and globalized world that guarantees a variable and constant field of professional application.

Why major in Architecture in the UNPHU?

The UNPHU School of Architecture and Urban Development has always been considered one of the best in the Dominican Republic, a position it has firmly maintained.

The UNPHU Major in Architecture can be completed in 12 periods.

The School of Architecture has always been a proactive school in the vanguard of its profession.

  • The UNPHU School of Architecture has graduated many prestigious professionals who are a living testimony through their works scattered throughout the country as both projects for private clients and contest-winning works.
  • Our School of Architecture provides a very personalized treatment of its students.
  • It has highly trained teaching professionals on the national and international levels.
  • It also has academic exchange agreements that provide an extra source of ever more globalized knowledge for studying the career of Architecture.
  • All of the above lends this School of Architecture immense academic capacity and sufficient experience to transmit to its students knowledge pertinent for the exercise of their profession.


School of Architecture
809-562-6601 ext.2108
Location: Archit. Building

The mission of the School of Architecture and the Arts is to be an institution recognized for its creativity and the depth of study of the subjects of Architecture, Urban Development, and Design, with solid academic bases creating a professional who will contribute to the success of the labor and entrepreneurial worlds, within the guidelines of ethics, science, research, and technological development, supplied with the competencies necessary to respond to national and global needs.

The vision of the School of Architecture and the Arts is to strengthen the academic excellence of its schools through a creative and innovative methodology, with broad humanistic content training professionals who provide integral and creative answers based on sustainability, and serving as a reference point in the vanguard of spatial and urban design.



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