A Major in Design

The UNPHU School of Design administers the major for a Bachelor´s Degree in Interior Design, which can be completed in 11 four-month periods, in other words in less than 4 years.


Why Major in Design at the UNPHU?

  • The UNPHU School of Design is the first school of its kind in this country. In effect, the major began at the end of the 1960´s, and to date has graduated over 600 designers with a technical degree, with a solid education and wide breadth of knowledge, extending to the most prominent designers in the country, as shown by their works, which are scattered throughout the country and internationally.
  • The UNPHU Major in Interior Design can be completed in 11 consecutive four-month periods, in less than 4 years.
  • In the UNPHU, Design is a career that puts the student in contact with a world of great creative richness, endowing him with skills in multiple cutting-edge work areas.
  • An UNPHU Bachelor´s degree offers broad knowledge and command of present mediums that would allow future graduates in interior design to insert themselves with better opportunities into today´s labor market, based on the personal skills and abilities they can develop while studying this major.
  • Our School of Interior Design provides each student with personalized treatment and dedication.
  • UNPHU´s School of Interior Design has a highly trained teaching staff with proven professional experience on both the national and international levels.
  • The UNPHU School of Interior Design establishes academic exchange agreements that provide additional sources of knowledge, seeking greater and better training for the future professional practice of its graduates.
  • The spaces provided by our School of Interior Design provide the best environment for stimulating training, study, and proper academic and social interaction, thereby transmitting ideas and knowledge both vertically (from professor to student) and horizontally (from student to student), promoting healthy competition and professional growth.

Why train for a bachelor´s degree in interior design?

  • An Interiors Designer, a Specialist in Interiors, or an Interiors Design Architect acquires the ability to use the interiors of buildings as a stage on which to demonstrate his command of spatial components: climatic-environmental, such as natural light and ventilation, combined with which they artificially endow these spaces with better conditions to carry out the activities intended in each space.
  • They make spaces functional, and command the use of artificial light, colors, materials and their textures, furnishings, and styles.  They are trained to create environmental conditions appropriate to the nature of the atmosphere they wish to achieve.  Their work doesn´t stop with the interior spaces, as they must establish a dialogue between the interior and the exterior, by creating gardens and the other components of this open space, and work even with the image of the building.
  • An UNPHU graduate in Design is a well-prepared professional who studies, plans, programs, designs, graphs, constructs, advises, supervises, and coordinates work teams on the job to be carried out. In other words the designer defines the qualities and quality of the spaces where human beings will carry out their activities and spend their lives.
  • Professional training in the UNPHU has a well earned place in history. It´s a combination of art, science, and techniques in a contemporary world, which attempts to preserve the local flavor without prejudice to the necessary globalization that marks our times.  For that reason UNPHU graduates seek to be updated, incorporating the latest changes provided by the development of knowledge and science, thus expanding the field of professional application.


School of Design
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The Faculty of Architecture and Arts has as Mission to be a recognized faculty for creativity and depth in the study of Architecture, Urbanism and Design, with a solid academic background, generating a professional that contributes to the success of the world of work and business, Within the canons of ethics, science, research and technological development, endowed with the competencies to respond to national and global needs.

The Vision of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts is to strengthen the academic excellence of its schools through a creative and innovative methodology, with a strong humanistic content, forming professionals who give integral and creative answers, based on sustainability being the leading point of reference In terms of spatial and urban design.



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