School of Architecture and Art

The School administers the areas of Architecture and Urban Planning, Design and the Plastic Arts, in the understanding that these schools have Art as their common denominator, and Architecture as a function that binds them together into activities concerning human needs for the carrying on of one´s life.

The school of Architecture and Art was created at the same time as the university itself in 1966 for the purpose of offering a new vision of Architecture as a career in itself, academically and structurally separate from the engineering disciplines, as it had been treated until that time in traditional Dominican education.

Since its beginning the School of Architecture and Art marked new guidelines by creating a school of breadth and depth of study, the School of Architecture and Urban Development, and adding a program of Interior Design and Decoration, which subsequently would become a second school, by raising this program to the category of a school of Design. To these two schools another one was later added, the School of Plastic Arts, at one time directed by the great artist Antonio Pratts-Ventós.



The mission of the School of Architecture and Art is to achieve recognition for the creativity and depth in the study of Architecture, Urban Development, and design, with a solid academic offering, creating professionals who would contribute to the labor and business worlds, within the cannons of ethics, science, research, and technological development, provided with the competencies to respond to global and national needs.


The vision of the School of Architecture and Art is to strengthen the academic excellence of its schools through a creative and innovative methodology, with heavy humanistic content, training professionals who will be able to provide integral and creative answers based on sustainability, and becoming the reference point in the vanguard of spatial and urban design.