Career in Veterinary Medicine

The School of Veterinary Medicine was founded in 1966 as part of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources.  It is responsible for training doctors in general Veterinary Medicine with knowledge of the main domestic and commercial species of animals.

Why study veterinary medicine?

  • A career in Veterinary Medicine provides essential care and attention for healthy coexistence between human beings and their different species of companions.
  • A career in Veterinary Medicine ensures that species for commercial production and the products deriving from them be consumed in as safe and healthy a manner possible.

Why study the career of veterinary medicine in the UNPHU?

  • The School of Veterinary Medicine opened in 1966, making it the oldest private School of Veterinary Medicine in the Dominican Republic.
  • The study program has a duration of 4 years, with 3 academic periods per year, which represents a shorter and more intense period of study.
  • A curriculum designed for theoretical-practical preparation of students in the different areas of medicine and principal species of animals, both companion animals and species for commercial exploitation.
  • It has an experimental farm and a three-storey building that houses a clinic for small animals, an anatomy and pathology lab, a clinical lab, and classrooms equipped for teaching.
  • We also have the installations of the Quinto Centenario Horseracing Track, as well as the laboratories for Microbiology, Histology, and Pathology of the Central Veterinary laboratory.
  • Our students have the ability to engage in practices and training in various small animal clinics belonging to our graduates.


School of Veterinary Medicine
809-562-6601 ext.1308
Location: Building of Veterinary

The mission of the FCA and RN is to prepare an agricultural professional with the ability to produce food in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, as an agent of change of his work surroundings through continuous efforts in research, innovation, and the spreading of knowledge.

The FCA and RN is a leader in the healthy production of foodstuffs, whether livestock or agricultural, with broad national and international recognition for the environmental responsibility reflected in the quality of its graduates and the contributions of research and technological innovations.



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