School of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

The School of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (FCAyRN) was created in 1966 as the second school of agricultural sciences founded in the Dominican Republic. The FCAyRN is the academic unit responsible for coordinating and supervising the study programs for the degrees of Agronomy Engineer, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Production, and Natural Resources and the Environment.

It also creates and administers graduate-level and continued education programs according to the university´s program guidelines and the demand by the public and private agricultural sector. The philosophical framework under which the study programs are designed and the areas of research are decided for undergraduate, thesis, and research project work are based on principles of economic and environmental sustainability. Students are exposed to and motivated to learn about modern and environmentally friendly systems of production of foodstuffs, thus reflecting UNPHU´s commitment to the responsible use of renewable and non-renewable natural resources, without failing to recognize the presence of human beings and the need to product food efficiently, as the core of our actions.

.The FCA y RN consists of two (2) Schools and one (1) Department: The School of Agronomy, School of Veterinary Medicine, and the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment. Undergraduate and graduate students from the three units perform their practices and research in the Nigua Agricultural Campus (REAGRO), while veterinary students practice on small animals in the Veterinary Clinic, the university extension specializing in the treatment and care of pets.

Relations with other Dominican and foreign institutions, as well as the public and private agricultural sector, constitute one of our objectives. Institutions that we have collaboration agreements with, and with whom we have developed academic and research programs include Cornell University, The Nature Conservancy (TNC), the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the World Bank, the Dominican Ministry of Agriculture, the Dominican Ministry for the Environment, the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (MESCYT), the Dominican Agricultural and Forestry Research Institute (IDIAF), the Dominican Institute of Biotechnology and Industry (IIBI), the Center for Agricultural and Forestry Development (CEDAF), the National Council on Agricultural and Forestry Research, the University of Murcia, the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), the European Union (EU), Pronatura, and the USAID, among others. The three (3) master´s degrees (M.Sc.) granted by the CFAyRN are Natural Resources Management, Ecology and the Environment, and Agricultural Diversification.


The mission of the FCA y RN is to prepare agricultural professionals with the ability to produce foods in an efficient and environmentally responsible manner, as an agent of change of their work environment through continuous efforts in research, innovation, and an expansion of knowledge.


The FCAyRN is a leader in the healthy production of agricultural- or animal-based foodstuffs, with broad national and international recognition for the environmental responsibility reflected in the quality of its graduates and their contributions to innovative technological research.